ATT: European Computer Science grads



Two top universities in Beijing are planning to participate in this years MiCS TechESL Orientation Bootcamp.  Both Renmin and Tsinghua universities consistently rank in the top three in China.  Other participating universities from last year include Shandong University and Tongji University in China, plus Kiev Polytechnic Institute in Kiev, Ukraine.

For students in France, Belgium and Germany, the University of Luxembourg Masters in Computer Science program offers this unique opportunity to form teams with other grads around the world in a business sponsored activity. Professors from participating universities select their best and most promising students to participate in the teams.   Remember, these are amoung the top universities in the world.  This is a chance for computer science students here to meet, collaborate with and form lasting friendships.

As a prospective computer science grad, are you interested in connecting and collaborating in teams?  Are you interested in networking with sponsors like Skype, SES-Astra and others? Here is an opportunity to exercise your creativity, make some new friends and, who knows, maybe even make some dough.  ;)

This year our technical infrastructure is based on Skype Labs' Group Video Conferencing.  Businesses are also invited to participate to understand the dynamics of collaborative distance learning, where learners address business needs with group videoconferencing, collaborative documents and compelling team projects.

In China, your local partner can participate in a parallel training application located anywhere in the world.  Our facilitator in Beijing, JIN Xiaohua,  can assure a smooth implementation of the learning methodology in China.

For more more information, contact Ms Jin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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